Important Fall Dates
 August 29th: Final Day to trade in used black studio uniforms
 September 2nd: Studio closed, Labor Day
 September 26th: Uniform fee for new black uniforms due
 September 27th: New black uniforms ordered
 October 14th: Studio closed, Columbus Day
 October 19th: Harvest Festival Parade
 November 25th –November 30th: Studio closed, Thanksgiving Holiday

 November 25th-November 30th: Performance Dance Team Cruise

 December 5th: Donalsonville Christmas Parade
 December 14th: Persnickety Christmas Recital, “A Caribbean Christmas”
 December 15th-January 3rd: Studio closed, Winter Break, End of Term

Important Spring Dates
 January 20th: Studio closed, MLK Jr. Day
 January 30th: Final Day to trade in used black AND colorful uniforms
 February 17th: Studio closed, Presidents’ Day
 February 27th: Uniform fee for all new uniforms due
 February 28th: New uniform order placed
 March 21st: Recital Picture Day (Time TBA)
 April 6th-10th: Studio closed, Spring Break

 April 18th: Mayhaw Festival Parade, Colquitt Georgia
 April 25th: Persnickety Spring Recital: “Turn It Up, Times TEN:
Celebrating 10 years of Persnickety Studios!”